Extreme AI v3 & RealMemory Bundle

Quantum Tiger Games
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Get both the RealMemory memory engine and Extreme AI personality engine v3 (full version) in one discounted bundle! Or, if you own one already, you can upgrade to this bundle and receive the discounted price overall.

With RealMemory, your NPCs have human-like memory systems, complete with short-term and long-term memories. They can remember, forget, and distort memories, suddenly remember a “forgotten” bit of information when given contextual clues, and react to emotionally charged memories. They can also store short “stories” as simple memories to supplement the STM and LTM systems. Learn more here!

Extreme AI v3 enables developers to create personalities for non-player characters that evolve during the course of a game based on interactions and events. Based on the Five-Factor model of personality, Extreme AI breathes life into your NPCs. Note that Extreme AI is "live" during the gameplay itself; NPCs' personalities are modified on the fly as they interact with players, other NPCs, and even the world around them. Note that Extreme AI is an excellent complement to the IBM Watson Unity SDK--while Watson analyzes data coming in from outside your characters (such as the tone or emotional state of this outside data), ExAI determines how your characters' personalities interact with that data and can help determine responses/your characters' emotional state. Learn more here!

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Extreme AI v3 & RealMemory Bundle

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